Slate tiles for kitchen backsplash

February 16, 2018
300 Kitchen Backsplash

Slate backsplashes provide a stylish, attractive and sturdy choice for residents trying to put in a home or refurbish a current one.

Slate is a natural stone product created from clay or volcanic ash that's compacted to form an excellent, sturdy and sometimes aesthetically gorgeous area.

The chief advantages of featuring record inside kitchen design is the fact that it can be paired with numerous styles. Whether kitchen area is rustic, modern or even hyper-modern, there's likely to be a style of record that'll fit effortlessly to the design, either by offering a soothing, simple finish or by providing shade, artistic interest and diversity to your space.

Your first task after choosing a slate backsplash is to regulate how much product you will need to cover the wall places within home. Although some property owners elect to put in a backsplash that addresses only a portion associated with walls involving the countertops and cabinets within their kitchen, others opt for a grander strategy that addresses the complete wall surface. Whichever scope of backsplash you choose, you'll want to figure out the total amount of record you need for your backsplash by calculating the surface area of the wall, after that determining the square footage.

Once you have calculated the top location to-be covered, it is the right time to get the types of record you got that right for your kitchen area design. Color-wise, record can vary wildly from the full array of grays and blacks completely to browns, blues and, because it can certainly be colored to your specs, just about any other color imaginable.

Slate designs differ, from glass-smooth surfaces to people that feature considerable normal defects like bumps, grooves and striations. As a whole, you'll likely desire your backsplash become effortlessly cleaned clean, therefore it is probably better to steer clear of designs that will impede this ease of upkeep. Different sizes, forms and patterns of slate tile are available besides, and that means you'll likely haven't any difficulty finding the perfect slate tile for your home design.

When you've got the model of slate chosen, it is the right time to source materials you need for your backsplash. Many home improvement or tile specialty shops will offer you numerous slate tile options, and you should additionally be capable search an endless number of record designs on the web. You could research tile niche shops in your area for a much deeper catalogue, along with high-level expertise and customizability.

Once you've sourced the record and materials for your backsplash, it is the right time to really get it on the wall space of one's kitchen area. If you should be a home enhancement professional, installing a slate backsplash cannot appear too daunting—especially if the slate was delivered pre-cut to your sizing specs. Alternatively, you might employ a professional for the record backsplash installation if you've never ever put in a backsplash before, if you wish to manipulate, cut or size the slate, or if you're maybe not entirely comfortable wielding a tape measure or swinging a hammer in the first place. You are going to spend more the service, but you will save your self time and the possibility frustration of a botched installation.

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