21JUL 2017

Three Best Natural Stones For Pool Decks

A swimming pool is a great addition to your backyard, especially when the weather is hot. It does not matter if you choose an inground or above ground swimming pool, as Intex Ultra Frame Pool - you will need to think about a pool deck to provide you, your friends and your family with the ability to gather around the pool when they use it. You can consider making a deck from such materials as wood, concrete, pavers or composite materials. Nevertheless, the most impressive pool deck designs are those made from natural stone. It will make your pool look elegant and unique, especially if we are talking about inground pools. So here are the most commonly used natural stones for pool decks.

1. Travertine Pool Deck

Travertine is considered to be one of the most popular tones used to design pool decks. Due to its natural porousness, travertine stays cool even when the weather is hot. One of the best things about this natural stone is that it absorbs excess water and that is why it is slip free. Furthermore, it makes your pool look really elegant. You will be able to choose between gold, ivory, and different shades of brown, as well as tumbled, honed, or polished finish to let your pool deck match your landscaping.

2. Flagstone Pool Deck

When it comes to choosing a natural stone to create a pool deck, flagstone is considered to be the second most popular material. This stone refers to flat slabs of natural pavers, so your pool deck will include many of these pavers arranged in a design, allowing you to create a unique deck. It is worth to mention that the same to travertine, flagstone is a slip free stone. Generally, you will be able to choose from the variations of earthy colors. One of the best things about this stone is that it requires very low maintenance.

3. Limestone Pool Deck

You can see limestone used in various building applications, so if you want your pool deck to match your patio or backyard pathways decorated with this stone, the material will provide you with such brilliant ability. Furthermore, it looks really good when it is placed close to the water. You will be able to choose between brown, tan, blue, gray, and pink variations of earthy colors.

14JUL 2017

Stone as Decoration in Your Interior Design

If you are looking for the way to create a unique in interior design, natural stone can become your best choice. This building material will make your home feel warmer and cozier, adding an extra charm to any room. Furthermore, choosing stone as a decoration in your interior design will save your time and money, as the stone is considered to be one of the most long-lasting materials and it does not require constant maintenance. So if you are looking for material that maintains luster and resist staining for a long time, you can choose granite, one if the hardest and densest natural stones existing.

It is not a secret that most of modern interior designs contain green and natural elements such as wood and stone. So if you want your interior to remain stylish and to last for a long time, a timeless decoration is always a great idea. It is worth to mention that such sustainable products as natural stone always top the list of everlasting styles.

While choosing a material, it is important to focus on your own perception of style. Choosing stone is nearly the same to choosing any other element of your decor, whether it is your futon mattress or potted plants. It means if you like classic style, you will probably choose marble or travertine into your design.

When you decided on the material, you can think about how and where it can complement your design. You can play with patterns to create a unique image and to make your room feel comfortable and look stylish.

For example, if your room opens out onto your backyard, you can use the same type of stone material inside and out to create an infinity image. Such method will help you to enlarge the space visually by drawing the eye through your room interior to the outdoor view.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, there is nothing better than choosing a dark stone. Dark shades work great in any home, making it feel cozier and warmer. Actually, stone palette opens a wide variety of colors to choose from, starting from black and gray materials to green and brown ones.

It is important to mention that using natural materials as decoration in your interior design is good for the environment. What is more, natural elements in the interior become great choice when it comes to creating relaxing atmosphere. Plants, soil, wood, water, fire, stones - all these will make your home interior stand out from the crowd and will allow you to enjoy a restful shelter of your own home.

19AUG 2017
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10AUG 2017
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