Remove stone tile backsplash

April 29, 2018
Rustic Tile Backsplash Ideas

You can remove old backsplash tile for an updated appearance.You can eliminate old backsplash tile for an updated appearance.

Care and perseverance tend to be your most valuable tools when eliminating a vintage ceramic, rock or glass tile home or bathroom backsplash in your home. In the event that backsplash is outdated or damaged, reduction is the most readily useful approach if you are considering offering the house. To reduce harm to the drywall within the tiles, a slow and gentle process is your best strategy. After the old tile backsplash happens to be eliminated, the wall are patched, sanded and coated, you can also put in an innovative new modern-day tile backsplash.

Spot several old rimmed cookie sheets in the countertop directly below the old tile backsplash. The tiles and grout will fall into the cookie sheet. Wear safety specs and gloves to guard your eyes and arms from broken and razor-sharp tiles.

Position a little chisel inside grout between your tiles. Pound the chisel carefully with a rubber mallet to eliminate the grout.

Wedge a flat-head screwdriver into the space between your tile therefore the wall. Carefully pry the tile advantage from the wall.

Wedge a putty blade in to the area produced by the flat-head screwdriver. Gently pry the tile through the wall, using a rubber mallet if needed. Perform measures 2 to 4 to remove all old backsplash tiles.

Sand any continuing to be grout off-the-wall with a fine class sandpaper.

Things You Will Be Needing

  • Old rimmed cookie sheets
  • Safety eyeglasses
  • Work gloves
  • Tiny chisel
  • Rubber mallet
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper, fine quality


  • A Dremel exercise with a sanding bit will even get rid of the old grout all over tiles.


  • Take care to stay away from making holes inside drywall beneath the tile during tile treatment. Relating to, if you punch a hole within the drywall, use mesh tape and joint substance to correct the opening. Sanding will smooth the wall surface.
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