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November 18, 2016
Austin Outdoor Slate Tile

Slate tiles could be put in in numerous formats for outdoor configurations.Slate tiles could be put in in various formats for outdoor options.

Slate, a very versatile natural stone, can be utilized in a variety of ways - from being put in like ceramic tile to becoming embedded in sand like a paver rock for patios and walkways. If you'd like to set slate tile outside, the precise approach to installation is determined by the sort of design you have got in the pipeline.

Over Wood Porches

If you want to put in slate tile on top of a wood deck, there are many things you need to do ahead of time. a timber deck is quite versatile and contains too much activity for a tile set up, so that you must make provision for sufficient underlayment. This implies two layers of 3/4-inch exterior-grade plywood, and 1/4-inch tangible board and the thinset mortar to stick the stone towards the underlayment.

Concrete Decks

Concrete is recognized as a reasonable substrate for porcelain tile and natural rock installations, including slate tiles. You are able to straight install your slate tile over any present cement surfaces you've got outdoors, eg porches, patios and pathways, stairs and the like. You will have to restore or patch any splits and weak spots when you look at the tangible first, but as soon as you’ve prepped the surface correctly you can easily put in your slate.


Slate tile can be put in the same as flagstones for patio settings. Typically, you’ll want to dig down and supply at the very least 3 to 4 ins of rough stone and gravel for the base level associated with patio. Then include a 2- to 4-inch layer of packed sand in addition, combined with the depth required for the width of slate tile you use. After everything is installed, you'll fill the spaces between your record pieces with sand.


In the same way you are able to put in slate tiles in an outdoor patio establishing like flagstones, can help you exactly the same thing for original walkways being dug into the dirt. Equivalent rules make an application for the depth required for your drainage level of rocks as well as your cushioning of sand, but otherwise the set up practices tend to be the identical for walkways as for patios. The only real huge difference is whether your walkway is a preexisting concrete or brick installation, in which case you install the slate like regular porcelain tile using thinset mortar and grout.

Source: homeguides.sfgate.com
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