Blue Slate tiles for floor

October 5, 2017

BuildDirect delivered me personally an example, which was very helpful. I was able to collect within warehouse and prevent delivery costs, which are large for those heavy tiles. Thanks A Lot! Gorgeous normal stone, too. Can't wait to see all of them set up.

Covered very well, there isn't any feasible method a tile could break.

I've seen much better subway tiles somewhere else, however for double the price. The high quality is excellent, for the price. The whites had been really white, that was very attractive to united states. The record tiles were great, really smooth, with nice normal width difference, but also color. I like all of them.

The Montauk blue-slate is beautiful and appears to be top quality: features constant width and clean sides. My just issue is the fact that tiles were loaded together with each other with bottoms together with the slate faces. This causes scraping, many, thank goodness just a couple of so far, are scraped beyond usability. The tiles needs to have been loaded bottoms to bottoms and faces to faces.

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