Purple Slate tiles for Flooring

March 31, 2019
Slate Flooring Tile Picture

Image: Example use of record flooring tile in entryFloor tile generated by Camara Slate is a combination of hardness, toughness, exemplary overall performance and natural splendor, making it an ideal product for floors. No matter what nature, dimensions and located area of the task Camara Slate gets the experience, the technologies and knowlege to meet up more demanding project. our floor tiles are utilized both domestic and commercial programs.

The delicate textures and unique colors of Camara Slate will accent any décor. Pick from an all natural palette of six soft colors: purple, purple, black colored, shadow gray, mottled green & purple, and unfading green, or a mix of up to six standard colors blended into a sophisticated design. Provide your floor that suffering beauty that can't be matched by man-made choices.

Camara slate provides above a visual appeal. The normal cleft surface regarding the record creates a slide resistant finish that fits with ADA requirements. Besides, slate resists dampness, temperature and the hefty pounding of large traffic areas, giving your floors that safety touch.Image of colors: Gray, red, black colored, mottled green & purple, sea-green, purple, unfading green, shadow gray The minimal upkeep and durability will interest any homeowner, specialist or architect.

Decorative and appealing floor schemes are composed by making use of an easy mixture of: squares, rectangles, habits, unusual and custom forms. More complicated styles could be produced by incorporating colors and designs.

Traditional Sizes:

Our company takes great pleasure in its unparalleled service and contains the sources to create the requirements in the industry. Product availability could be the centerpiece of our manufacturing group whose focus should provide the ultimate customer care. Camara Slate is focused on provide a standard beyond our competitors capabilities, with exceptional solution and a quality-valued product which is delivered in a timely manner. NEW! Installation guidelines available nowadays online.
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