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July 7, 2020
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Saddle Brook™ Farmhouse 6 x 36 industry tileAre you dragging the feet into the wood-grain tile change? Are you currently the peaceful one whenever your pals talk about their particular after that wood-tile task? Let’s set those fears to sleep. Here are five things you’re worried about that you should not be.

MYTH #1 Grout Joints Make Wood-Grain Tile Look Unauthentic
Seek wood-grain tile that rectified sides. That means the edges of each and every specific tile have-been mechanically done in order that they are accurate and constant. This means that you could put the tiles closer together with a minor grout joint—as small as 3/16 of an inch (whenever put in in a brick-joint design). That is close sufficient collectively as you are able to barely tell a natural lumber floor from a wood-look tile floor.

MYTH no. 2 Wood-Look Tile Floors Tend To Be Cold
Tile floor does maintain a reasonable temperature, but it doesn't imply it has becoming cool. Wood-look porcelain tile is very well-suited to radiant subfloor heating. There are several kinds of subfloor heating and tile could be put entirely on top of it for a warm and inviting floor.

MYTH no. 3 Wood-Grain Tile Appears Fake
The journey of wood-grain tile has-been fast and high quality improves with each brand new product. Digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing introduces practical designs and visuals which you occasionally can’t inform besides timber without taking a closer look.

Tile visuals don’t merely duplicate equivalent grains and knots again and again. Several photos are used to produce tiles with lots of variety for a geniune looking floor.

MYTH number 4 Longer Wood-Grain Tile Planks Warp
Any tile over 15 inches can present challenging with lippage and warping. But in the event that tile is installed precisely, it mustn’t be difficulty. Plank tile comes in sizes which range from 24–42 ins long and 6–8 ins broad. Tiles should-be staggered in a brick-joint structure without significantly more than 33% overlap. A well-prepared subfloor and competent installation will help with warping and lippage. Find an NTCA or CTEF licensed installer for best outcomes.

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