Stackable stone for Fireplaces

January 8, 2016
White Quartz Natural Stacked

Norstone All-natural rock Veneer Fireplace television SurroundApplications

Center of a Room. Center of a property.

Fireplaces tend to be an all-natural gathering spot, and they are usually not merely the focus of a room, but the center point for the whole house, demonstrating a respite of heat, conversation, and meditation from outdoors world. Industry experts agree that renovating a tired, worn out, and outdated fireplace gets the exact same profits on return as upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, but with a much smaller price tag. Normal rock veneer panels are a fantastic choice for such a renovation since they're cost effective and intensely simple to put in.

The Entire World's Finest Corner Detail

Corners are among the solitary most important details to choosing any stacked rock veneer for a hearth. Therefore we poured over everything and concept to make an ideal place. After very carefully manufacturing and testing one iteration after another, we eventually determined that - for a thin natural stacked rock veneer to “turn a large part” precisely - it had to be crafted using “fingers” that effortlessly interlock…as should they were made in that way in nature. There are other approaches to complete a large part, such as for instance utilizing trim options, but after remodeling tens and thousands of fireplaces we recommend you don’t be satisfied with under the little finger joint system when it comes to this information.

Color and Design Situation

Whether you’re envisioning an austere, colonial, modern, modern-day, or old-world space, shade and design add up to making any project look perfect. Natural Stone Colors differ naturally, that is what makes it an authentic material to incorporate into jobs. Our four colors, Ochre, Charcoal, White, and Ivory can easily be adjusted into all shade schemes additionally the clean lines of this item tend to be equally well-suited to all the different types of design.

Build it Appropriate

Norstone Indoor Stone Fireplace SurroundWhether you’re remodeling a classic stone fireplace, or building one anew, our world-class customer service team will stroll you through the correct process for you personally. During a fireplace renovation, you have a tendency to encounter more hurdles than if you're creating new. For instance, will be your existing hearth built from stone? Will it be flat drywall? There are other ways to handle every one of these circumstances.

Hearth or No Hearth

The most typical questions about fireplaces is whether or otherwise not having a hearth. Numerous modern-day gasoline fireplaces which use Norstone lack hearths, however, many rustic fireplaces we focus on do. Be sure to browse our galleries for tasks that look like yours for a significantly better notion of whether this might be best for your needs.

Norstone Stacked Stone Fireplace SurroundStone Veneer Fireplaces The Easy Method

Fireplace stone veneer lets you achieve the look of a normal bunch rock hearth minus the width and body weight of conventional complete sleep masonry veneer. Whether you simply need a stacked stone fireplace surround or wish the look going floor to ceiling, our panel system is an expense and labor efficient option for hearth stacked stone.

An Ageless Look. A good investment in your house.

Stacked rock fireplaces whenever done really provide an ageless appearance as they are demonstrated to hold price which makes it a perfect do-it-yourself project. Norstone Rock Panels are the choice of numerous top manufacturers and contractors as reasonably limited rock for fireplace restorations and brand new builds.

Natural Rock Complement Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves are a good option to have the temperature of a fireplace minus the majority of a roaring hearth. Norstone looks great on these applications also. Have a look at links off to the right to find out more or Contact Us today to talk about assembling your project.

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