Natural Stone Mosaic Tile Canada

February 25, 2017
Natural Stone Backsplash

Many of us haven’t the slightest notion of just how much it truly costs to endure a simple residence remodelling, let-alone an entire renovation.

Inside our Renovating Costs show, we lay out just how much you will probably invest almost any task you plan to take on.


  • This has become a common belief that a finished restroom and cooking area are a wise financial investment for selling. Although these spaces will likely turn into most costly of renovations, they truly are unquestionably worth it. To start, perhaps you are deciding on new countertops.
  • A Natural Rock (eg. Marble, Granite) is most costly, at around $100 per square foot to supply and put in.
  • There are numerous aspects which will influence the purchase price, for instance the depth, nosing, slices, angles, etc.
  • For that reason, it’s safe to budget $80 per sq ft for the standard ¾” thick, no nosing, with one sink cutout.
  • A Man-Made rock or solid-surface, including, Quartz or Corian, respectively, resembles natural rock and coming in at around $75-$100 square foot, offer and install. No sealing is necessary.
  • Butcher’s Block Wood is reasonably less costly at $60 to $80 square foot for supply and install.
  • Natural oil sealants are required occasionally for adequate maintenance.
  • A laminate surface, like Arborite is similarly cheap at $25 to $50 square foot offer and install.
  • Concrete countertops are a little more complex. Firstly, a sufficient weight-bearing base cabinet needs to be in position to properly offer the countertop.
  • When a template is created, the concrete is poured to the molding to-be cast, its further strengthened and left to dried out to-be refined and sealed.
  • There are many different types to select from, according to how much of a surface you want for.
  • Overall the price for a custom cement countertop is $70 to $90 per square foot.
  • Stainless-steel ranks greatest in expense at roughly $120 per square foot, offer and install.


  • A backsplash of Natural rock slab costs roughly $80 to $100 per linear foot, offer and install.
  • Whereas rock tiles, if they be 2×4, 3×6, or 2×12, generally speaking costs $25to $40 per square foot in labor although the material can range from $2 a square foot, all the way as much as $100 a sq ft, with respect to the rareness associated with stone.
  • The average sized home with a typical 40×40 sq ft backsplash space will definitely cost around $700 in labor.
  • a porcelain or porcelain tile will cost approximately $20 a square foot both for supply and install.
  • There is fantastic ceramic subway tiles for $4 a square foot.
  • Glass tiles run about $25 a sq ft, not including material as that can range from ten dollars to $80 a sq ft, according to color, clarity and purity of the cup.
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