Thin Stone Mosaic Tile

June 12, 2015
Stone mosaic tile was

Often, the tile utilized for a decorative musical organization is thinner versus tile that surrounds it. If tile getting back together the ornamental musical organization is big, you can simply apply an extra-thick level of thin-set under it and push it in until it’s flush using thicker tile. But this does not use mosaics. Here’s exactly how Dean solves the issue.

Step one: generate a precise space

First Dean carefully determines exactly how wide the musical organization are by calculating the width regarding the tile musical organization and including the width of two grout rooms. Then he cuts lumber spacers and makes use of them to align the tile and also to leave room for ornamental band of mosaic. Right here Dean is the removal of the spacers following the glue behind the nearby tile features set-up.

2: Screed with a customized putty knife

After that, Dean creates a customized screed by notching a synthetic putty blade. He helps make the depth for the notches equal to the width for the tile band, plus about 1/8 in. for the thin-set. He spreads a layer of thin-set inside musical organization location and utilizes the notched trowel to screed the thin-set to the right width. Dean allows this layer of thin-set firm up before shifting to another location action.

Step 3: distribute the thin-set

After that, Dean cuts 1/8-in.-deep teeth in the customized trowel. He then spreads another layer of thin-set over the base level and makes use of the notched trowel to create an even layer of adhesive. In the event that mosaic band is glass tile or thin mosaic, he flattens this level of thin-set with a flat putty blade.

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