DIY stone Tile fireplace

December 12, 2015
Our DIY Fireplace - Installing

Cut a bag of thinset mortar in half utilizing your trowel (Image 1). Half of an 80 pound. case is enough the hearth, legs, and header of just one fireplace. If you're setting two fireplaces, mix the whole case.

Include about a cup clean water to a clear five-gallon container. This may avoid the mortar from sticking to the base of the container.

Include the thinset gradually to the bucket. Also add liquid in a small amount at any given time – you don’t want to end up with a watery combine. Use a trowel or energy mixer to blend the mixture until there are no lumps and contains a consistency of tooth paste (Image 2).

Set the mixture aside for fifteen minutes to allow it to “slake, ” then remix.

The thinset mortar happens to be prepared to be utilized. As soon as combined, thinset remains in a workable state for approximately eight hours. When it begins to dry, don't use it, plus don't add liquid – it's going to only deteriorate the mortar’s bond.

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