Fireplace Stone Tile installation

July 5, 2019
How to Install a Stone Hearth

First, an image or design regarding the spatial design with length measurements must develop a precise design and create an estimate. Take note:

  • sort of mantle desired: timber, stone, tile. Please note, we never put in all types of Mantles. A general specialist or a handy man may need to be involved, if you you need a wood or steel mantle.
  • form of hearth: tile, stone
  • hearth will undoubtedly be on same level whilst the floor, or lifted above flooring degree

For hearth tile designs, consider:

  • horizontal or diagonal tile layout
  • desired keeping accent places or various tile types within design
  • advantage trim, i.e. pencil liners, bull-nose, etc.

The colour of the tile grout is normally determined because of the installer. In the event that customer wants a particular shade, please consult with your creative rock expert really in advance of the afternoon of installation. The installer typically in addition chooses spacing between tiles when he or she examines the prepared website while the tile product. Very small spaces (1/8 in.) tend to be harder to master for many tasks; ¼ inches is much more typical (the minimum spacing is 1/16 in).

The fire code states that the fireplace hearth needs to be at least 12 inches (wood-burning) or 6 ins (gas-burning) wide. The exact distance amongst the firebox orifice and any combustible product (such as for example wood mantle, flooring or wall) must certanly be at the very least 12 ins for wood-burning fireplaces as well as the very least 6 inches for gas-burning fireplaces.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Fireplace Code

The initial estimation, we ask that buyer supply measurements regarding the design. To complete the pricing and material quantities, an Artistic Stone representative comes to your residence or work place and simply take final dimensions. We’ll in addition count exactly how many of the selected accents must fit the space.

Require assistance with design tips? Our specialists are skilled rock and tile developers. Call us to talk about your hearth some ideas.

Pick the products

We advice natural stone slab or rock tiles for fireplaces. Beautiful, organic all-natural stone are refined along its exposed sides and requires periodic sealing. Each piece is unique.

Porcelain and porcelain tiles can be utilized, however the exposed edges are more difficult to trim. Some kind of trim or bull-nosed pieces will likely to be required. Grout should nevertheless be sealed.

Quartz is not suitable for fireplaces.

When purchasing tiles for fireplaces, make sure to take into account any trim, accent or bullnose side pieces. For horizontal lays, include 10per cent overage for cutting and damage. For diagonal lays, add 15%. Allow 4-10 times for tile instructions to arrive. Re-stocking fee could apply to tile returns.

Place the Order

Creative Stone isn't in charge of shortage or extra tile requests if our staff didn't do the dimension or set up. Please consult with your contractor before buying.

Whenever buying stone for fireplaces, stock from the creative Stone warehouse in San Leandro has got the quickest lead time. Comprehensive slabs purchased from other vendors are typically brought to Artistic rock within 3-7 times.

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