Exterior stone tile installation

February 26, 2020
Exterior stone floors

Tile Balcony DeckA developing trend is turning previously unusable outside liveable space into an oasis complete with tile, torches and a lot of smiles. You may also be considering setting up tile or rock instead of or over traditional concrete.

Several projects consist of upgrading an outside balcony, patio or level roof spaces above a storage or sunroom. Regardless of last project, you have to consider a waterproofing buffer to avoid the infiltration of water or dampness.

MFM SubSeal™ Waterproofing Membrane

MFM Building Products manufactures a product known as SubSeal. It really is specifically made for this form of application. The membrane layer is durable and withstands the extreme moisture circumstances within masonry and tile mastics. Consider these benefits:

  • SubSeal is a self-adhering membrane that adheres direct to current concrete or lumber substrate (prime masonry or weathered timber surfaces for most readily useful adhesion)
  • SubSeal installs easilywithout the employment of adhesives, glues or mechanical fasteners – simple usage a computer program blade to reduce and roller to provide optimum experience of the substrate
  • Subseal makes use of a premium-grade top area to endure concrete or tile becoming put in over top of the membrane layer
  • SubSeal is versatile to maneuver with building development and contraction
  • SubSeal may be applied either horizontally or vertically, with regards to the application
  • SubSeal joins ICC-ES AC 38 standards
  • SubSeal is created in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited guarantee

Detail – SubSeal Balcony Tile Flooring

So, if this sort of project is within your future, ask your building supply shop about SubSeal or contact MFM Customer Service at 800-882-7663 for a distributor near you.

Source: www.mfmbp.com
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