White glass and Stone Tile

March 24, 2018
Artistic tile blue accent

Tile needs to be set up over a suitable substrate to insure a suitable set up. Tile is put in over on a clean, sound, and flat surface, without contaminates including healing compounds. Substrate should be free from splits. If found in a wet location you need to waterproof. See manufacturer’s suggestion on a membrane for break and water defense that's suitable for the setting material you may be using. Expansion joints must be put in anyway “changes in jet” in the tile work and in which tile abuts restraining surfaces, therefore silicone caulking sealant needs to be put in in all spot bones as opposed to grout.


  • Apply the maximum amount of adhesive as can be covered within 10-15 moments.
  • Grout joint is a minimum of 1/16” and never butt set.
  • The trowel size you need to use is a 9" Trowel - 1/16" square notch.


  • Use Non-Sanded grout
  • Grout joints should always be loaded complete and free of voids and pits.
  • Clean extra grout whilst the work progresses before this has hardens completely.
  • Acids should never be applied for cleaning grout haze.
  • Make use of a moist sponge when it comes to final cleaning and to lessen the grout joints.
  • It is recommended to utilize grout launch, then grout the tile, after that utilize a sealant towards tile like our MP90
  • Imperative to acquire the Glass & rock Installation/Maintenance Kit -
Source: tilebar.com
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