Stacked stone in bathroom

December 9, 2018
Stacked stone in bathroom

(picture credit: Submitted by Wendy)

Renovation by: Wendy
Location: Nevada City

We desired the look of a stacked stone accent wall in our bathroom. But we had been struggling to get a hold of a stone veneer that could fit behind our lavatory. We chose to utilize reclaimed pine which we got from utilized pallets.

(Image credit: Submitted by Wendy)

We cut more or less 350 items of timber into various lengths and depths all with the exact same height (2.5 inches). We utilized an extremely powerful floor glue to stick the pieces of lumber into the wall. After the wall surface ended up being total, we painted it a light gray. We then sponged on various colors of gray to produce the illusion of texture just like compared to real stacked stone. We in addition painted the vanity, changed the light, stripped the wallpaper and painted.

(Image credit: Submitted by Wendy)

The entire task took around 3 days to complete. (maybe not counting the tedious wallpaper elimination which my mother-in-law and mom labored on for around two days.) It was a fairly easy project with an extremely great, very green result. On very first look many people cannot see it actually stone!

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