How to install stone tile in backyard?

November 7, 2018
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I made a decision to build a "frame" of concrete to put up the stones inside the area, therefore I began with that. I used many different wooden planks and pured tangible inside of all of them. I sized carefully the dimensions associated with the lawn I wish to have, then place the wood planks. To make them constant for the cement, We nailed all of them on wood spikes We apply the bottom. When it comes to planks to-be regarding correct level i made use of an amount and my measure tape and I also must dig some soil to place the planks into the right destination.

We made the concrete with my dad. It had been simply regular conrete combined with sand plus some gravel to really make it stronger. We mixed it within the wheelbarrow, because we didn't have a concrete mixer. From then on we poured it in betweeen the planks and straightened it. We let it for daily to dry, pouring liquid every few hours on the surface so that it won't break.

DIMENSIONS: The frame had been 20cm wide along with around 8 cm of level. The entire location was about 10 sqr meters ( little, but we utilized ordinary conrete and gravel for the rest of the lawn)

ATTENTION: You need to know in advance where do you want the rain water to head. Every time you pourconrete you have to be aware of the mountains. You do not want having puddles of rainwater in the center of the sitting location, therefore be additional cautious with the degree. Its, but virtually specific, that no real matter what you are going to do, there was going to be some puddles of water. The tiles do not have a completely equal surface

The stone tiles are used mostly to what I'm sure becoming known as "crazy paving". Although, we used right here a diferrent strategy. The gaps between the tilew are far larger, and also the tiles themselves vary. They arrive in a variety of colors, mainly black, drey-green and blue.

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