How to clean Stone and glass tile?

July 29, 2019
How to clean mosaic tile

glass tileGlass tile in kitchen areas and restrooms is very good because of its beauty, durability, and toughness. Glass tile is certainly not permeable like stone or porcelain tile, allowing it to effortlessly withstand stains and mold. However, it still needs care to keep it looking its best. If you are wondering simple tips to clean cup tile flooring maintain them shiny and attractive, here are a few tips on cleaning this preferred selection of tiling.

For day-to-day cleaning, standard glass cleaner works just fine. Make use of a lint-free fabric to buff it really for a streak-free shine. An all-purpose cleaner will work for the floor, followed closely by a clean dry cloth to buff on any lines.

Difficult water and detergent scum can build up rapidly inside restroom. An assortment of vinegar and liquid in a spray bottle is a powerful cleanser. Spray generously and leave it for around ten minutes, after which wipe the area down. If build-up is much more persistent, make use of the vinegar at full-strength.

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