Painting stone wall tiles

February 12, 2021
Painting Your Bathroom

Does your cherub-pink 1950s bath tub offer you nightmares? Mint-green tile surround got you down? If the bathroom bathtub and tile are in sound problem but quite simply need an aesthetic makeover, you could be considering repainting or refinishing them your self. But make certain you know all your choices just before pick-up that spray weapon.

“It truly varies according to exactly what your lasting objectives tend to be, ” claims Bath Crashers specialist Ryan Prosser, owner of Prosser Construction in Plymouth, Minnesota. “Repainting tile your self is certainly not a project that'll increase home’s resale value.” Some careful home owners can perform a sufficient job, Prosser states, but he is able to always spot a DIY fix vs. one done by a professional.

“Obviously, I’m a bath specialist and I would like to come and rip aside your tile, ” Prosser states, “but I’m a large believer in conserving your cash and soon you can perform what you would like. Directly, basically can’t buy the best, i simply wait.”

But if you can’t stomach the idea of a full-on bathroom remodel—or you want to sculpt down that electric-blue surround until you can afford the bathroom of the desires—here are your choices:

A professional tub and tile refinisher can evaluate whether your tile is rejuvenated as opposed to replaced. “If it’s in good shape, refinishing is actually worthwhile, with regards to both price and also the environment, ” states Chuck Pistor, president of Miracle Process [LINK:], a franchise-based bath and home refinishing business. “We tell men and women it’s ‘recycling positioned’—it keeps all those building products from the landfill. Plus It costs less than renovating.”

With respect to the surface becoming refinished and amount of repair that’s essential, a normal bathtub and tile refinishing work could cost about $1000, Pistor claims.

Just what do you really get for the price?

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