Stone wall Tile sheets

April 2, 2020
Stone veneer exterior

Finished up using 3/16 v-notch trowel. As suggested because of the guy at lowes. Having said that, he stated I might wish rise to 1/4 if I had been using the "customized" mortar (which I think is much more like mastic?) vs the advanced mortar.

I did so utilize a wetsaw such as this:

the rock cut effortlessly providing we went slow. The nice thing about the simple tabletop wetsaw is the fact that it caused it to be quite easy to cut and grind specific pieces. That said, it performed make a mess thus I had been delighted that climate permitted me to utilize it inside garage.

After sawing I sprayed each piece clean and allow it to dry for a bit while I happened to be adding the mortar. Those types of pump cans which you pump some force into beforehand might have worked, but since I couldn't discover mine, we finished up filling my wagner power painter with liquid and utilized that. In any event i am pleased used to do that - i believe it was much more effective/less messy that cleansing all of them once they were on wall surface.

I found some right 1x2s that worked perfect for supporting the floating areas. It's debatable whether We required them in order to prevent sag - nevertheless they were great to make sure things were level.

I also got a plastic mallet and a scrap bit of the 1x2 for taping the sheets collectively to really make the seams vanish

In addition had a classic padded drywall sander that We accustomed drive regarding the tiles in to the mortar for more even force.

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