Stone wall tiles in Nigeria

May 6, 2017
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By Amos Ngwomoya

On 1.80 miles of land in Kabombi, Nansana Wakiso District sits two homes owned by Denis Bwanika and Maureen Nakiwala. One, that has because already been set aside as a guest wing, is a four-roomed bungalow whereas others is a four roomed flat. On arrival to this location, your eyes are addressed to a well partitioned yard, because of the fragrance associated with plants completing your nostrils. This, in accordance with Nakiwala, tends to make a property an admirable spot. She suggests growing sweet scented blossoms within one's ingredient.

Inspired by Nigerian movies

The ambiance inside family room, coupled with immaculate tints, makes a visitor switching their mind from side to side. Nakiwala's fantasy to construct a distinctive household stemmed from her love for seeing Nigerian films and detergent operas, stressing the homes that they operate are exquisite which challenged the girl to save and perform some same.

"Anytime i'd watch these great houses, i might promise myself to create one. In reality, all the styles in this residence had been copied through the Nigerian model of building, " she recalls.

It's this desire that forced the lady to go out of the bungalow and build a-flat because she wished a residence that could match styles of the woman option. She successfully constructed a four-roomed flat at Shs700 million.

a black and white affair

Like any various other home, hers, too, have a cooking area, living room, dinning, childrens' space and a master suite. The woman kitchen area has dark tiles, with a white walls. Among the wall space is designed with normal stones, which she states gives it a normal look. With panels meticulously organized, it provides the girl cooking area a catchy appearance.

Outlining why she select the dark tiles when it comes to cooking area, she explains that because her residing and dining spaces, have actually white and white tile, she wished the dark tiles to suit with the white ones.

"when you need to own a nice-looking household, especially the interior, always choose tints that aren't shouting for the reason that it would make a boring design. By picking dark the kitchen and white when it comes to living and dining spaces, I knew there is a lovely matching, " she adds. She utilized exactly the same colours for her master bedroom.

Mixing the furniture

With gold and white colours coated in her own living room, she made a decision to purchase seats with an ointment color, including that lotion fits with every colour. This is complemented with maroon curtains on windows plus the doorways. The doorways are constructed with Aluminum which she made a decision to utilize as they are durable and not typical.

Lights can do some magic

As you look around, the woman roof too, is coated white with gorgeous flower styles in gold shade. The extra lights inside living room, when switched on, develop a serene atmosphere. She explains that she find the extra lights to make her friends comfortable and relish the spot. However, these are generally just started up whenever need be only a few enough time.

Buying high quality

Nakiwala, but notes that many men and women often hurry to purchase product and that if they visit other homes; they in the future realise they utilized poor material. "we relocated too much to get these materials. We went to different shops but especially Chinese people since they have higher quality.

I might also keep close track of the designers so that they didn't mess-up the styles I wanted. I would personally insist on a certain design because i desired to possess a unique home and designing alone are priced at me Shs23 million, " she recalls.

Tips for another home-owner

The few started building their residence in 2012 and it was ready in 2014.

Nakiwala advises men and women about to construct houses to just take their time, study the area, to get expert engineers and architects whom she claims certainly will do a commendable task. But she decries the heavy traffic jam on Nansana Road that occasionally delays the woman work. She claims in the future, she could move to either Rubaga or Nalukolongo.

As we leave Nakiwala's chemical, we keep thinking on preserving, which she said, assisted all of them build this household.

Utilizing stone-wall interiors

Nakiwala utilized Loon top Chicopee stone wall mural using one of the woman interior cooking area wall because she wished it making it obviously beautiful.

She claims these types of stones really make a difference, particularly when you identify a strategic wall in which site visitors would effortlessly get a glimpse of.

"Stones tend to be obviously amazing. When correctly organized, they generate a very good design. We in fact ignore them however they are one of the facts to consider while designing both interior and outside areas of a residence, " she suggests.

However, she says she didn't use it on the exterior of the woman residence given that it has been over used by individuals yet she wanted to produce a significant difference.

Other styles of rocks tend to be; superior building gallaries products cliff gray, imitation rock veneer, Beistle rock course Runner Roll, Roterra, cottage retreats, underwater gallarries and valuable rock Tuscan, and others.

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