Cleaning Products for natural Stone Tile

May 27, 2017
Best Natural Stone & Tile

Day-to-day rule of thumb: Never use whatever you would not utilize on the fingers.

Various types of rock have skin pores, the same as the skin we have. Therefore treat your stone as you would your skin. Avoid using powdered cleansers or abrasive shields to clean your stone. Even “soft scrub” type cleaners have pumice, which will be driven volcanic stone and could damage your rock counters or floors. Never use any product that is acid, includes bleach, or includes substances like ammonia like Windex. You need to make use of sealers and cleaning services and products designed designed for all-natural rock.

Sealing Rock

Stone is incredibly thick yet also permeable. To stop spots it must be sealed. Your installer will apply a sealer when they install your tops. The regularity for resealing is determined by the stone while the number of use that counters see. A straightforward rule of thumb should monitor all over sink. In the event that you start to notice that water will not bead up, or soaks when you look at the stone within fifteen minutes, then it's most likely time to re-seal. Re-sealing is not difficult, merely wipe on and wipe off!

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