Natural stone Tile Around fireplace

November 18, 2017
How to Install a Stone Hearth

replace the look of a fireplace with tile.Change the look of a fireplace with tile.

Change the appearance around a preexisting fireplace place by installing ceramic, clay or natural stone tile. The process is neither fast nor easy but the aesthetic value created from an adequately tiled fireplace enhances the decor associated with the area. The newly set up tiles provide an easy-to-clean area that easily withstands heat generated by the hearth. The whole procedure will require four to five times once the grout is placed and cured, and the hearth is able to utilize.

Setting up the Tile

Eliminate the hearth mantel, if at all possible, or apply some 2-inch artist's tape across the entire interior side of the mantel. The inside side of the mantel may be the percentage of the mantel that is closest towards wall.

Mix a group of this thinset blend with exudate additive utilizing the number of water recommended on manufacturer's guidelines. Different producers require an unusual water-to-mix ratio. Mix the thinset until this is the consistency of peanut butter.

Fill and smooth the surface of the location is tiled with a layer of thinset. Fill big indentations making use of a putty knife or 4-inch drywall blade. Smooth the outer lining with a finger and invite the thinset to dry for 24 hours. Fill the location once more if required. Destination two to three thin layers 1/8 to 1/4 inch-thick throughout the entire location. Enable each layer to dry entirely before including the next level. Trowel because smooth as you are able to when completing each level. The final level should fill-in all indentations and smooth easily. Allow the thinset to harden a day before continuing.

Measure and level the most effective center of area becoming tiled, from the top of the firebox toward the surface of the desired tile location. Switch the level so it's on a vertical axis. Line the lengthy edge of the amount up with the center level. Go the particular level through to the long advantage is on a fantastic vertical. Draw a line along the lengthy edge of the particular level.

Measure the distance throughout the face of fireplace. Cut a 1-by-3 towards the determined size.

Position and center the slice 1-by-3 straight underneath the top side of the hearth starting so the lengthy side is on a horizontal axis. Degree the utmost effective edge of the 1-by-3. Go the 1-by-3 slightly therefore the entire top side of the fireplace opening is seen. It is advisable to really have the tile fall down across opening a little than have a tiny section of the hearth area subjected.

Attach the 1-by-3 towards fireplace surface with two to four 2-inch long masonry screws. Position a screw on either side of the fireplace starting with a hammer drill. Note: The 1-by-3 is helpful tips when it comes to very first line of tile. It gives an even edge and helps to put on the tiles positioned so they really cannot slip.

Blend a batch of thinset with exudate additive.

Apply a slim level of thinset, 1/8 to 1/4 inch-deep, right above the 1-by-3 the width for the notched trowel. Notch the thinset by dragging the notched edges regarding the trowel over the whole length of the thin level of thinset to create horizontal grooves.

Position and put 1st tile regarding center line. Go the tile before estimated center of this tile is finished the vertical range additionally the bottom side of the tile rests entirely on the surface of the 1-by-3. Push the tile into location.

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