How to clean stone floors in bathroom?

October 13, 2019
Bathroom Excellent Powder Room

a methods to Clean and maintain Hard Surface Floors via Clean MamaOne associated with the top concerns we obtain is how-to clean and maintain hard-surface floors. It appears that everybody else really wants to know very well what best method is, exactly what won’t damage their flooring, and just how to obtain the task done quickly. Because most people enjoy a clear flooring, right?

This past few days we exposed the floor for the cleaning and organizing conundrums and problems. I received most great concerns and are excited to fairly share exactly what my solutions tend to be to many of the typical cleansing and arranging annoyances tend to be. Keep an eye out for the concern to appear here on web log, Twitter or Instagram when you look at the coming weeks as I sort out all of them with you.

Today’s questions and answers target FLOORS, more specifically on the best way to cleanse hardwood, laminate, tile and grout. Before I wash the floors, I always start by vacuuming to eradicate crumbs and dirt. When you have animals or a lot of dirt, you might follow through with an instant brush utilizing a microfiber based flooring duster. If you follow my cleaning routine, Wednesdays tend to be Vacuuming time and Thursdays are Floor Washing Day.

preferred hard-surface Floor Cleaners via wash MamaHARDWOOD FLOORS:

Before utilizing any cleaner, make sure that your hardwood flooring tend to be sealed. How to cleanse your lumber flooring isn't always determined by the sort of lumber but rather the final that's on them. If you aren’t certain what type of finish is on the flooring, seek the advice of the manufacturer. I favor to utilize a refillable or microfiber mop versus a steam mop back at my hardwood floors. Although everyone loves the ease of a steam mop, my personal choice is always to play it safe and make use of an even more mild, and less moisture approach aided by the refillable mop. Instead, a damp microfiber mop works – simply use a spray floor cleaner and spray and wipe you are going.


If you have unfinished, waxed, or bamboo hardwood floors, the very best method is to try using a barely moist (with water) microfiber mop pad. Check with your manufacturer’s directions first.


A couple helpful tips for streaks and residue on floors…if you are making use of a microfiber pad, dampen it before starting and rinse often while washing the floors. When you yourself have streaks with a vapor mop and rinsing the mop head frequently does not solve the difficulty, you may want to make use of distilled water (buy because of the gallon at your local grocery or drug shop). If you have tough water the minerals inside water might leading to streaking and residue on your flooring because of the minerals in your water.


Regarding what brand name or formulation of floor cleaner I like, I like to provide a selection of options and solutions. Many people love-making their particular cleaners while others choose the pre-mixed, all set options. I only recommend products which are non-toxic and safe to use around men and women and pets, but these are all products which i personally use and love.

If you should be looking for more economical and green option, after that making a solution may be the way to go. Listed here is my tried and true meal:


  • 1/2 glass white vinegar
  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • 2-3 falls crucial essential oils (I adore lemon or lemon and clove for my hardwood flooring)

We combine this up utilizing the same ratio in my refillable flooring mop:

  • 3 teaspoons white vinegar
  • 16 ounces of hot water
  • 1-2 drops electronic ssential essential oils (I love lemon or lemon and clove for my hardwood floors
If you like the ease of pre-made cleaners, there are many options to pick from. My favorite companies for overall performance and safe ingredients tend to be Murchinson-Hume, Bona, and Honest. Most of these are ready to utilize – just make use of the spray and mop technique or pour to your refillable mop and clean away. Babyganics also makes outstanding flooring cleaner concentrate which unscented and easy to dilute – you should use it in a bucket and a refillable squirt mop and it’s also appropriate for carpet cleaning (look at links below). If you prefer a mop and bucket for cleansing floors (perhaps not my inclination), you could like a spin mop. The one which’s pictured however image is it one.
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