Stacked Stone wall Tile

April 21, 2018
Stacked Stone Wall Tile

perhaps you have observed our most recent item, Stacked rock cork sheets? Have you dropped in deep love with this system? I am aware We sure have! This totally textural cork item may be the latest supplying from our cork wall surface tile inventory. Visually, this cork wall tile produces faux rock wall space comparable to a slate keeping wall or a stacked lumber siding.

Although the Stacked rock cork sheets may look like stone or timber, it is in reality created from recycled wine cork strips. The tough depth and surface within each hand set strip offers each cork sheet an all-natural feel. This could be amazing as a statement wall around a fireplace or as a substitute for a headboard in the bedroom.

Cork is an incredible naturally occurring product that comes from Portugal in the SW Mediterranean eco-region. It comes down from the cork pine, Quercus suber, which develops by the bucket load in this area. Just the exterior bark for the tree is removed on an extremely managed harvesting schedule enabling the tree to make cork repeatedly for 250 many years.

Cork is an all natural thermal and acoustic insulator that'll keep your tootsies warm plus ears from ringing. It is possible to neat and keep and just as easy to put in also! Cork is an effortless solution to introduce a normal element to your residence décor. It will help lower airborne contaminants and it is mildew resistant.

Each cork-bark product in our cork wall surface tile stock is sold in a carton of two sheets covering about 12 square feet of surfaces per carton. All of our cork products are supported by the GreenGuard certification that assures you that you're buying the lowest substance emission product. In addition all cork sheets are going to last and start to become of good quality with your 25-year item warranty.

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