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September 11, 2017
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natural restroom cleaning recommendationsOther compared to home, restroom cleaning takes more length of time and strive to cleanse as it has so many different kinds of areas and because, by its nature, it's a location which should be cleansed often given that it’s regularity useful.

If you are just like me, washing the restroom is most probably one of your minimum preferred cleaning tasks. Thank goodness, a checklist plus some normal cleansers could make fast work of cleaning the bathroom.


Similar to house windows, mirrors is washed with a 50/50 vinegar and liquid blend in a squirt container and wiped with old towels from cut-up t-shirts or newspaper (report towels leave some residue using this strategy).

The best way, when you yourself have all of them, is by using microfiber cloths (1 regular one damp, and one polishing one dried out, or simply one regular wet one and one regular dry) to completely clean with no need for chemical compounds after all.

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If not, there are other normal options that really work great also:

  • A 50/50 vinegar/water option will clean tile, counters, pantry fronts and detergent scum within the bath
  • a baking soda and liquid paste will cleanse stuck on gunk in the bath and bathtub (use vinegar in the place of water for really hard spots)
  • For grout, I sprinkle baking soft drink on to the floor and squirt with undiluted hydrogen peroxide and scrub with a mild toothbrush


About weekly, I sprinkle some baking soda around the within the bathroom to layer, then dump a cup undiluted white vinegar into the water. I personally use a reusable toilet brush to scrub in addition to chemical reaction of the cooking soda and vinegar eliminates spots and any lingering smell. And also this works externally (i take advantage of on base of the lavatory therefore the floor) to remove that “boy” smell from bathrooms.

I’ve also unearthed that the urine smell that may linger (especially with potty-training men) can be concealing within the hinges associated with lavatory seat and under the bolt limits on the side of bathroom. At our home, these get removed every 14 days roughly and completely cleaned.

We finish up toilet cleaning with a spray and wipe down with undiluted hydrogen peroxide.

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