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February 24, 2021
Stone Floor Tiles

how-to Install a Mosaic Tile BorderGlass and rock tile are all the trend at this time in bathroom design. The glow of clear watery glass together with natural warmth of rock is a popular combination amongst developers and property owners alike.

The master restroom within our residence is remarkable during my modest viewpoint, but it did absence information. Adding a decorative tile border is a simple task that provides a huge effect. Below is a pic of my master bathtub. I adore that Jacuzzi tub nonetheless it needed a bit of bling!

Lowe’s features an excellent variety of stock 12×12 cup mosaic tile. This one is known as “Seabreeze”.

To save a huge amount of money on premade borders, slice the 12×12 mosaic into pieces. Peel from the lime the spongy backing.

I then applied ready white thin-set towards straight back of border with a trowel. This method is kind of backwards, ordinarily you apply the thin-set towards the wall surface but a tiling friend of mine suggested simply “buttering” the tile for little jobs. Having the appropriate quantity of thin-set on the tile is a bit of trial-and-error. You do not want the thin-set to ooze to your surface associated with the tiles but to remain half way straight back. In the event that you apply too-much, then simply remove it with a thin screwdriver or skewer.

I rested the tile edge over the existing tile, squeezed it solidly, and wiped off any additional “ooze”. Here is a pic of edge tile without the grout. It just took several hours to place on the tile. Let it heal for 6-24 hours, depending on how big assembling your shed is. Stick to the adhesive manufactures recommendation. Mine recommend 6 hours.

Today it really is time for grout! We decided on a sanded grout in a linen shade. The reason why a sanded grout and never the non-sanded kind you ask? The non-sanded grout will stick in most the knooks and crannies of one's stone tiles and will not emerge, leading to an ugly finish. DO NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT SCRATCHING THE GLASS! I can not scream this loud adequate. It really is so difficult to damage those small cup tiles. If you work with strictly glass mosaic tiles, after that yes, use a non-sanded grout, but once utilising the combination of stone and sand, believe me, you’ll be happy you used sanded grout.

Okay, go on and scoop out a large blob in your rubber float.

Apply the grout towards tile with a 45 degree angle. Don’t concern yourself with this part, only slather and work it in to the grooves. Wipe off excess together with your float on 45 degree direction. After that simply take a big grouting sponge, have it damp, with circular movements rub off all extra through the surface and sides. In about 4 hours you can buff the haze off the area with a dry soft bath towel.

Below remaining is a close up for the tile grouted and dried out. And the following right is my view from inside the tub. Yes, I experienced to lay out on it to have the full impact !!!

This project cost $50 for tile and products.

The results are perfect and I’m loving how it blends so well with my bathroom colors of Rainwashed and Urban Putty by Sherwin Williams.

Perhaps you have tiled prior to? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment and present myself everything believe!

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