Installing Travertine tile without grout lines

February 2, 2020
Groutless Tile | No Grout Tile

Grout is a required and vital part of many tile tasks for a number of reasons: It keeps moisture from the substrate, helps maintain tile lines directly and stops tiles from rubbing against one another and cracking. If you undoubtedly dislike the look of grout, but therefore plan on installing your tiles in a dry area, you are capable of getting away without needing a grout joint, offered you install tiles that have been rectified to a variation of 0.0025 ins or less.

Buy rectified tiles. Rectified tiles tend to be porcelain or ceramic tiles which have been ground-down becoming perfect and uniform in proportions and form. This keeps the tile outlines from going and prevents the tiles from damaging on their own when they rub against one another. Since there are numerous manufacturers of rectified tiles, The United states National guidelines for Ceramic Tile Installation recommends that anyone trying to put in the tiles without grout joints buy tiles which have been rectified to 0.0025 inches in difference or less; bigger variances would demand at the very least a small grout joint.

Set down the tiles straight onto the area for which you will install all of them. Start in the heart of the wall surface farthest from the home with a complete tile, therefore the next tiles out uniformly to every side. This puts the cut tiles within the corners or edges associated with the room in which they have been less noticeable.

Mark any tiles becoming slashed with a pen and straightedge. Make your slices on a tile damp saw and switch the slice sides to the outside edges of space assure only the rectified sides satisfy.

Make the tiles up within the other purchase you set all of them straight down. Spread handful of thinset mortar onto the floor and secret it aided by the trowel until it is a uniform level.

Push the tiles to the mortar in the same order you laid all of them out. Overcome the tiles in to the mortar with all the mallet until they have been a uniform level and now have no sides sticking up above the other people. Utilize the side of the trowel to help butt the tiles up against one another evenly.

Allow the mortar dried out all day and night.

Things You Will Require

  • Rectified tiles
  • Tile damp saw
  • Thinset mortar
  • Trowel
  • Rubber mallet


  • Even with rectified tiles, it is not advised to lay tiles without grout. Grout helps you to protect the tiles against movement in case of the home moving, it can also help make the tiles much easier to look after in wet areas. Whenever feasible, make use of rectified tiles with a 1/16-inch grout joint alternatively.
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