Installing Travertine tile over linoleum

April 20, 2019
Installing Ceramic Tile

A classic linoleum flooring can easily date property. In several types of old linoleum, but the glue that was used to set it up expands more powerful with time. This is why taking on the linoleum these types of a significant task that homeowners may reconsider putting straight down a new floor. Various other instances, the linoleum may include asbestos materials. This is why the treatment dangerous and it is well left to professionals been trained in hazardous materials. Oftentimes, you can tile right on the linoleum if certain circumstances are met.

Inspect the ground

That will help you determine if tile are set throughout the linoleum, the old floor should be well inspected. If the linoleum had been fused to cement or even to good backerboard, the likelihood is to stay steady and not influence tile set up over it. If, but the thing is that free or missing tiles, or tiles with lifting sides, the linoleum must come up. To determine in the event the linoleum includes asbestos, choose tiles measuring 9 or 12 inches in size and those which are dark in color or have a dark-colored glue. If for example the tiles satisfy these requirements and were installed ahead of the 1980s, assume they contain asbestos and have a professional take them off, or intend to tile over them.


If you tile over old tile, you're going to be enhancing the height of this existing flooring. Many tough tiles, like stone, ceramic and porcelain, will need a fresh underlayment deposit within the old linoleum initially. This will may also increase the level associated with finished floor, by as much as 1 inches. Make sure the brand new flooring level will likely not interfere with home swing, cupboards, bathroom waste pipelines, in-floor heat vents or changes to many other floors products. If the brand-new floor's level is going to be problematic, possess old linoleum eliminated.

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