Installing Travertine tiles on a shower wall

February 1, 2022
Install Travertine tiles

it is simple to drill through travertine tiles.You can easily drill through travertine tiles.

a naturally occurring stone, the main limestone family members, travertine could be used to make tiles that feature refined, brushed and tumbled surface finishes. Travertine tile is very effective as a shower or bathtub surround. You'll want to drill through tile to put in installing brackets for towel pubs. You can easily drill this soft, porous stone unless the tile features a polished, glazed area.

Tape the report template showing the mounting places that comes with the bath towel bar on the tile. Hold a spirit level against it to check that it is indeed level. Essentially, the mounting holes should be positioned over men, however in some instances this may not be possible. Men may also be impossible to locate if tile covers the wall completely.

Install a masonry little bit within the exercise, sized into towel-bar maker's guidelines.

Apply steady pressure and drill at a medium rate within places specified regarding the template. In the event that bit begins to roam, spot two layers of masking tape over the hole and resume drilling. The hard, glazed surface of some tiles is difficult to penetrate, plus the two levels of tape supply a thick, cushioned surface that keeps the bit from wandering.

Dip the bit in a cup of liquid after eight to 10 seconds to avoid over-heating. Application drilling through to the little bit is wholly through travertine as well as the cement backer board upon which the tile is set up.

Get rid of the tape. Seek out wood shavings in gap. Never continue steadily to drill in to the stud, as masonry bits aren't built to drill into timber. Screw the mounting bracket in without including a pilot gap.

Things You Needs

  • Spirit degree
  • Safety spectacles
  • Exercise
  • Masonry exercise bit
  • Masking tape


  • If you have no stud behind the opening, you will most certainly have to drill a more substantial opening to place a wall surface anchor in to the tile. Most bath towel club kits tend to be provided with anchors, as well as requirements for larger opening dimensions.
  • If the travertine has actually an extremely difficult glaze, scrape an "X" design with an awl and drill through the center of this "X." They could prevent the drill little bit from wandering if masking tape just isn't adequate.


  • Wear security cups. Drilling travertine produces small shards of tile that could injure your eyes.
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