How to install air stone tile?

May 19, 2021

DIY stone fireplaceNow comes the fun part. The fisubstitute paired with the wood mantel and the white IKEA Billy Bookcase “built-ins) is absolutely stunning and completely changed the whole look and feel of our family room. Not only do we have more storage than we will ever need – we now have a focal point in the room. I will say is very easy to install but it is like a puzzle. So if you hate puzzles this isn’t for you. But if puzzles are your jam – read on!

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Issues Must Know About AirStone:

  • It is sold solely at Lowes (nevertheless may need to unique order it)
  • Obtained two several types of rock level and place pieces
  • Today it only comes in, I utilized the Spring Creek
  • It's 75percent lighter than regular rock so it are installed of many level straight surfaces
  • It may be use indoors or out-of-doors
  • While they suggest a masonry blade i recently used a vintage blade on my miter saw and it also worked well
installing airstone
  • You actually like to to slice the pieces outdoors if you're able to. The good dirt it gives off gets every where (see picture above – my garage ended up being a hot mess)
  • Wear hearing security, attention protection and ear protection whenever cutting the AirStone
  • No special wall preparation needed upfront

Here's if you are thinking about this product.

You will focus on the underside and work the right path up. There's two various kinds of rocks: flat pieces and place pieces. Truly the only time we used place pieces had been regarding place edges associated with the fireplace surround. The others tend to be level advantage pieces. The weird part in regards to the rock is that it would appear that every stone is slightly various. I don’t discover how they fabricate that but perhaps the colors are somewhat various. Its realllllly beautiful and seems like genuine stacked rock.

health and safety first whenever instaling a stone fireplace

There was a whole lot of marking, cutting and suitable. And then you understand you want a hair more talen off so you must re-cut. When you get to internal sides you simply butt up two flat stones collectively making certain to not always end with the exact same sized piece.

To stick the adhesive you simply use a putty knife and frost each piece like a cupcake and stick it straight to the wall. That's one of the nice parts about is you don’t need any special mesh or backerboard since it is lightweight.

All of the rocks bunch above one another and that means you don’t must grout among either. When you get to a surface in which there's no stone beneath it, just like the top of the fireplace place, you'll have to develop some sort of support to put up the stones set up while it dries. We only used some 2 x 4’s slashed to match to brace it positioned overnight.

built in stone fireplace

We adhered the AirStone until the mantel. This is when the cuts have tricky. We'd to slice the stones horizontally so as to make them fit.

The other tricky component ended up being setting up it around our television mount. A couple of months right back we shared with you about the Mantel Mount for my TV. It really is awesome because we are able to pull it straight down unusual and swivel it for perfect viewing any place in the area. But similar to the the surface of the fireplace, we had to put in a bracket to put up the rock in place whilst it dried. We decided to add a permanent perspective support over the Mantel Mount to offer some stability therefore the stone wouldn’t slip while drying out. We only stacked the rocks night in addition to the brace.

Note: The grey address includes the Mantel Mount to cover the brace and appearance better. All our TV cords are now behind the wall surface and went through PVC piping into our basement, which includes a drop ceiling. We after that went the cords up through the family room flooring (much more PVC piping) and our blu-ray player, Direct television field, etc. sits on a conclusion dining table.

airstone built in hearth airstone spring creek airstone hearth brace built in fireplace with stone
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