Construction glitter: bright renovation

June 16, 2021
Can You Tile Over Brick?

Decorative glitter is increasingly used in construction and renovation - from painting walls to self-leveling floors. Reflective particles help to add light and spaciousness to a room of any size, visually expand it and make it elegant.

Bulk glitter is small pieces of metallized polyester film in the form of a dry powder that reflect light. It is able to mix evenly with any base material and create a shimmer / shine effect depending on the percentage in the mix. Usually glitter has a shape of stars, stripes, mica plates, hearts, rhombuses.

Decorative glitter is resistant to chemicals, moisture and sunlight. This makes it possible to widely use glitter in the construction and decoration of any surfaces. It works well with acrylics, as well as oil-based varnishes, pastes and paints. It can be applied to any surface - from drywall and plastic to wood and concrete.

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