Stone floor tile Repair Kit

June 2, 2017
Travertine tile or natural

Fix-A-Floor is an extra energy restoration adhesive individualized when it comes to certain utilization of re-bonding free and hollow tile, marble, stone and lumber floors without eliminating or changing. It's quickly, simple and inexpensive. DIY - simply drill and fill.

  • Elastomeric properties allow for the adhesive never to break and loose its bond

  • Predrilled 1/8 in. tip enables filling small holes in narrow grout outlines, marble and wood floor coverings

  • Extra slice outlines on tip marked for 3/16 in. or 1/4 in. or any size as required

  • Dries within 24 hours

  • Easy clean with sponge and water, dries clear

  • Guaranteed in full the lifetime of your flooring

  • Works great on tiny or big trouble spots

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and eco-friendly

  • Great DIY task, see how-to video clips

  • Built to work with a standard caulk weapon

  • Fix-A-Floor fix adhesive has actually super bond energy of 130-135 psi

  • Fix-A-Floor is very liquid: 1800-2700 mPa.s 25°C/77°F
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