Stacked stone for fireplace

May 22, 2019
Interior Interior Stone

Great recommendations and inspiration for producing a backyard fire pit or hearth.

Step 1: Create a Design

Utilize tape measure to find out width, length, level and height of fireplace. Jot dimensions down in notepad utilizing pencil. Establish the general try to find fireplace. Consider stone for a more conventional aesthetic or man-made stacked rock for a contemporary appearance. In addition decide if for example the hearth may be timber burning or gas-lit.

2: Make a Concrete Foundation

If for example the home does not currently offer a safe, flat area with a tangible slab, generate one by searching a ditch, and blending after that pouring concrete.

Step 3: Lay Concrete

Discussing design, lay tangible cinder blocks, adding a layer of mortar between each block, leaving orifice at top of chimney for ventilation.

Step: Build a Façade Frame

Talking about dimensions on notepad, slashed 2X4 lumber to dimensions with cut saw. Assemble each 2X4 with nails utilizing nail firearm or with screws using drill.

Action 5: Attach Cement Board

Reduce cement board to size using cut saw. Utilizing exercise, attach concrete panels to frame with tangible screws. For smaller regions of frame, use chop saw to cut concrete panels to dimensions.

Action 6: Add Mortar

Mix mortar, referring to directions on packaging. Utilize trowel to scoop mortar from container, then add mortar to predetermined cement boards. TIP: Applying mortar in areas will keep it from becoming dry ahead of placing stone.

Action 7: Install Stacked Rock

Press stacked stone material into mortar, keeping in place until self-supported. Maintain keeping of stones, ensuring no space is remaining between them.

Action 8: Connect Chimney Cap

Many chimney caps are constructed with material; put on safety gloves before installing. When you yourself have a single-flue chimney cap, slip it on the flue, solidly tightening the screws on all sides of this chimney cap. Inside-mount chimney hats require a strong push directly into the flue. Should your limit calls for masonry anchors or bits, attach using drill.

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