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January 23, 2018
Impressive Stone Veneer

Photo due to Buechel Stone Corp.

By Jennie Farnsworth

Based on most sources, thin rock veneer is light, faster to put in, and — in many cases — more economical to utilize than old-fashioned, full-dimension stone veneer. In that case, would not thin rock veneer be specified each time the dog owner wants that old-world rock look? Certainly not.

Even though the two veneers are similar, every type has actually distinct advantages over the other.

"One item is not the right product for several types of work, " states Jamey DeMaria, owner of Jamey DeMaria Masonry in Carmel, Calif. "therefore, slim rock veneer is a great choice, the same as manufactured rock is an excellent choice for some tasks. There is not just one thing this is the right choice for every job."

Perhaps one of the most debated advantages to thin stone veneer could be the general cost savings that mason contractors will experience in making use of it.

Jeff Leonard, President of Leonard Masonry, Inc., in St. Louis, Mo., won one away from their three 2003 MCAA Overseas quality in Masonry honors for their stonework on a personal residence, including slim and full-dimension stonework.

"whenever we go through the advantages and disadvantages between the thin as well as the full-depth, the top element is the fact that the slim veneer is a quicker set up, " claims Leonard. "The more thin the veneer that we can chat the property owner into, the greater amount of financial savings we are going to have. You will likely have double the amount manufacturing on slim veneer than you do on full-depth veneer. So, first off, oahu is the undeniable fact that it is faster and you get job done faster.

"the key expense issue with slim stone veneer will there be are certain types of stones being so hard, they are able to thin veneer it however it would take plenty time for you cut-through these tough stones, it's most likely not cost-effective, " continues Leonard. "If it's a tough product you will need spend more cash together with cost-savings is gone in the long run. It gets evaporated because of the material prices."

Scott Buechel, Co-owner of Buechel rock Corporation in Chilton, Wis., notably disagrees.

"If you're making it your self, the rock itself is likely to be more expensive per square foot as you should allow it to be into a four-inch veneer before you make it into a thin veneer, " says Buechel. "so that it adds a little bit more cost per sq ft, however you will be capable of getting two pieces regarding that exact same stone instead of one."

Another aspect could be the total savings in cargo.

"due to the weight, the freight is cheaper, " adds Leonard. "You can ship much more material, which keeps the materials prices down."

Which brings us to your after that point...

The lighter fat associated with slim rock means masons can haul and install it that faster as compared to heavier, full-depth rock.

"My nephew completed a renovation on his household. Two masons laid 100 sq. ft. of slim rock veneer each in a nine-hour time with one tender, " says Buechel. "usually, they would likely have gotten about 40 or 50 sq. ft. of complete veneer each day."

In addition, slim veneer could be necessary for taking stone to non-loadbearing wall space, along with help architects and designers when you look at the general design.

"one of several advantages of the thin veneer usually, yes, it really is less weight and a lot of times fat is a challenge, " says DeMaria. "When we're veneering a complete two-story household, just how that weight is distributed through the building and tasks along the walls and to the footings — that is the professional's nightmare plus they fancy thin veneer due to that."

Obviously, another main advantage of slim rock veneer is just how much — or should we say, exactly how little — area it takes up. Traditional, full-dimension rock masonry can range between two inches or more with respect to the framework and building needs. Therefore, thin rock's slimmer profile, including 3/4-inch to two-inches, may be a fantastic substitute for jobs with minimal room or any other unique factors.

Jamey DeMaria Masonry in addition won Honorable Mention inside Residence sounding the 2003 MCAA Global quality in Masonry Awards for their full-depth and thin stone veneer work with the Schilling Carmel Stone Chateau.

"We put about 225 tons of full-dimension Carmel Stone — our indigenous stone — on that work, " claims DeMaria. "there was clearly plenty of detail work that we really created and fabricated on-the-job website. Since I had my full-dimension stone here, we had been in a position to accomplish whatever the owner chose to have done. There were a few hearth inserts inside that were perhaps not specified to-be rock, however the owner decided he'd like rock, so we cut one-inch slim veneer. We had all flexibility that way.

Photo courtesy of Jamey DeMaria Masonry

"there has been a great amount of occasions when we have done Carmel Stone tasks and you also've worked your way to an area and, for example reason or any other, the framing didn't make you the dimension you wished, " adds DeMaria. "we are generally gonna utilize six ins for veneer with Carmel Stone, as well as whatever explanation, very often there'll only be two inches remaining in some small areas. So we'll simply develop our personal thin veneer to accomplish this."

DeMaria says your thinner thickness can also be a secured asset to designers.

"It really is occasionally much easier for them to link it all collectively when they don't have to deal with the six- to eight-inch veneer, " states DeMaria.

Full-dimension stone veneer has hook advantage over slim rock veneer with regards to the facts. Without the right products and preparation, mason technicians can be limited in their utilization of return corners, corbels, lintels, keystones also details with regards to the usage of thin stone.

"when you experience full-depth you could make the corner return whatever depth you want that it is, " claims Leonard. "slim veneer can't do that."

Much like other types of masonry, fat can work against thin rock if you use specific details. Craig Swirzon, Specialized Representative for Arriscraft International in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, had this to include concerning one design of slim stone veneer: thin bed followed stone-wall system.

"For the usa, we relate to ACI 530 [ASCE 5/TMS 602], " explains Swirzon. "essentially, exactly what that states is the body weight limitation for a thin ready masonry application is 15lbs/sq.ft. You cannot exceed 15lbs/sq.ft. because, basically, what goes on may be the product becomes overweight.

"suppose you start with a 3/4-inch dense product while need to get the corbeled look, and that means you step it out another half-inch, which brings you to definitely 1-1/4 ins. At 1-1/4 ins, for our material, you're right on the range — you're appropriate at 15lbs/sq.ft."

"If you after that take our material and want to go another half-inch, you are at 1-3/4 ins dense, " Swirzon goes on. "that'll be too thick because today the weight is above the 15lbs/sq.ft. restriction. So there are some fat restrictions when it comes to how you apply it.

"today, once more, that could be real of any masonry you're utilizing, " he cautions. "it is possible to just go up to a certain thickness and you have to take into consideration the extra weight associated with products."

"if you are planning to accomplish more detail work, like corbels, lintels or keystones, you had need certainly to prep for it ahead of time the thin veneer, " adds DeMaria. "that is not an issue, but very often even as we're working the client might come up with ideas and house has already been framed. With this particular situation, we'dn't be able to achieve the changes for client. With full-dimension stone, you've got a little bit more flexibility.

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