Miracle Tile and stone Cleaner Reviews

February 28, 2017
Easy Oxy Multi-surface Cleaner

"I have used Miracle Sealants Grout Shield New & Improved from the grout lines both in my bathrooms and cleaning is really quick and easy. I suggest to everyone I'm sure." - Danny C.

"I will continue to use your installer friendly Miracle Grout Shield New & Enhanced with certainty.” - Glenn W.

“I took the opportunity about this Miracle Grout Pen to do the job. Miracle without a doubt! My restroom feels and looks a lot better than it ever has actually." - Nelly

“i prefer the Miracle Grout Pen because it's non-toxic and odorless. I do believe it's a good product.” - Rottiepawz

“I was thrilled to take to 511 Impregnator based on the reviews and had not been unhappy. I used it to seal my porcelain tile and grout kitchen countertop. The product is very easy to make use of and goes a considerable ways. Liquid and stains bead or roll off and I also feel just like my persistence is safeguarded.” - Gam810

“Our new granite countertops had been unsealed by our builder. Even one fall of water was instantly absorbed by the surface, leaving a temporary dark place. I desired to make certain that virtually any spills wouldn't do the exact same, and so I purchased 511 Impregnator. It was easy to utilize - just brushed it on with a foam brush, waited 5 minutes, and wiped off with a paper bath towel. Today liquid beads through to the surface and I'm therefore happy with the outcomes.” - Jesse

“511 Impregnator does waterproof tile surfaces. We used a small/moderate amount with on a clean, white fabric then allow sit on the tile for about 5 minutes. Using another cloth (a dry, white one), I then eliminated it. It Had Been pretty very easy to do the entire thing and did not just take a lot of time.” - Nan123

“I utilized the 511 impregnator to secure grout during my brand-new renovated tile bath, and it works great. Also tried it on new granite tops within my bathtub also it stops liquid circles.” - Nan123

“Used 511 Impregnator for brand new travertine tile in master shower. Applied with brush and eliminated extra with a turkish bath towel. Went ahead and used a second coat a couple of days later. Water today beads in the place of soaks in. Happy with the result.” - Gary

“Not a bag a grout makes our shop without a container of Miracle Grout Shield brand new & Improved”. - Frank Matarazzo, Mediterranean Tile

“This is a top for the line penetrating sealer. Im a tile specialist, and Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator the key sealer that I use. This might be among the best sealers that can be used… undoubtedly. I take advantage of it on some of my stone tiles, as well as on grout. You apply it, keep it on for 3 - five full minutes, and buff it off. Painless enough.” - Ziffer, Oceanside, CA

“Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator had been a little more costly than many other sealers but made-up the real difference in performance. Product performed as guaranteed. COMPLETELY satisfied!” - Yortown, VA

“Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator is excellent for cleaning and sealing rock porches. It withstands the harsh winter months, stops cracking and it is ever so easy to apply. I've Been utilizing this product for 5 years now and my porch still looks like brand-new!!!” - Susy, Virginia

“we bought Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator and that worked 100% on the very first application. I did so apply it twice (just for extra insurance coverage) plus it undoubtedly passes the water bead test. Never waste your hard earned money and time on any kind of product but Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator.” - Bill Z Hermitage, PA

“Initially I happened to be using TileLab sealer for closing the grout. I applied twice and performed the water droplet ensure that you the water droplet seeped right through the grout. I became dismayed because of the outcome and came back the item instantly. Yourself Depot, I happened to be recommended the Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator sealer. As usual Used To Do the water droplet ensure that you had been surprised to begin to see the development of the water droplet regarding the grout.” -

Source: miraclesealants.com
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