How to remove stone Tile from wall?

November 11, 2018
Natural Stone Patio with Spot

tools to eliminate old TileRemoving an old tile backsplash can appear to be a daunting, possibly even infeasible task. There are questions like, ‘how do we commence to remove this wall basically tiled with rock? Easily take away the tile can I damage the drywall? Imagine if I have within and can’t finish?’ Or maybe just, ‘what the heck am we performing?’ I know as it’s how I believed prior to taking a hammer to my old tile backsplash. Well I’m here to tell you, YOU CERTAINLY CAN DO IT!

It-all starts with the right tools and gear. OK women (and fellas..i am aware your scanning this), apply your best demo outfits since this will and will get messy.

Let’s get Dirty!

Needed Materials


Synthetic sheet (in other words. Painters Drop or large trash case)

Masking tape

Sander and sandpaper (Optional)

  1. Clear off the countertops.
    (son these counters certain tend to be ugly!)
  2. Eliminate the covers off the outlets. And slice the capacity to the region where you going to the outlets what your location is going to eliminate the tiles.
  3. Take-down the microwave oven and take away the microwave oven brackets if it is attached to the wall surface. Mark-on the wall with a marker where the holes tend to be for reinstalling the bracket when it comes to microwave oven.
  4. With the tape and plastic case, protect the sink. The very last thing you’d want is to find some old porcelain tile caught inside garbage disposal. To capture dropping tile you may also line the countertop with synthetic.
  5. Placed on your glasses and gloves. (Is it really one step?!)
  6. Score the very first tile you plan on you start with utilising the grout cutter. Run the gout cutter across the tile sides when you look at the grout location. Then make and X movement in the tile using the tile cutter. This will further loosen the tile reducing the likelihood of you harming the drywall behind it once you begin getting rid of the tile from the wall.
  7. Repeat step 6 once more merely to be in the safe side.
  8. Bring your hammer and tap the tile (gently) in the exact middle of the cuts. Bits of the tile
    should fall.
  9. Then making use of the flat-head screwdriver and hammer during the spot associated with the tile or where it is chipped and chip away at tile becoming careful to not dig into the drywall.
  10. Then wedge the scrapper in to the space where tile fell. Because of the elimination of the main one tile carry on underneath the surrounding tiles carefully swallowing the tile from the wall surface by prying it from the wall surface utilizing the scraper and hammer.
  11. Once the tile is down just take a 5 in 1 tool and scrapper to remove any excess grout. This could easily be through with the inclusion of a light sander using good level sandpaper.


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Tile reduction 101: Remove the Tile Backsplash Without harming the Drywall taking down tile 2 copy Tile reduction 101: Remove the Tile Backsplash Without Damaging the Drywall using straight down tile 4 content

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