Stone and Tile Las Vegas NV

May 20, 2022

tile and grout cleaning vegas nvWe clean all areas and may supply long-lasting defense with your Empowered Water™ and proprietary, GREEN, non-toxic cleaning agents.

The ZEROREZ® system:

  • Cleans with GREEN & Eco-friendly technology.
  • Safeguards surfaces against germs, pathogens & harmful germs.
  • Reduces cleansing regularity. Every thing stays cleaner longer.
  • Produces a more healthy lifestyle environment. Maintains your areas looking new!

More on Tricky Surfaces

ZEROREZ® in vegas provides an extraordinary GREEN treatment for natural stone cleaning, tile, countertops, glass surfaces, normal stone also hard flooring & areas to clean, combat harmful pathogens. Traditional tile and surface cleaning uses soap and detergents to split within the soil, but this will leave an invisible residue film on your countertops, cup and floors. This film actually draws soil and eventually discolors the grout and difficult areas. Now, you don’t have to scrub your grout lines all night at any given time or be worried about unclean and unprotected surfaces – ZEROREZ® gets the option.

Using a strong truck mount device including our unique complex cleaning system, we deliver Empowered Water™ at large pressures to your flooring and surfaces, eliminating all built-up residue and earth. This cleansing process comes back your flooring and hard surfaces with their original look and luster.

Additionally, our proprietary and GREEN multi-surface protectant inhibits the rise of harmful mildew and bacteria on all areas, while creating a hidden barrier in your lifestyle surfaces – retarding parasites, pathogen and microbe development for extended periods. This is why your house or business much healthier and makes cleaning and upkeep simpler.

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