Glass and Stone tiles

August 6, 2019
Photo of Gambone Remodeling

This gorgeous mosaic is composed of Dark Emperador marble, pearl, material decos and porcelain filled crushed glass. Each cup processor chip is hand pushed and then hand filled with coloured crushed glass to generate an intensely faceted surface that will capture and reflect light, which makes it appear to be a huge number of little twinkling diamonds. Because of the mix of pearl, stone, material decos and broken cup this tile is great to use as a backsplash or in any decorated spot in your house.


Chip Size 1x1 + 1"X3/4" Sheet range 12"x12" colors black Emperador + Topaz + Brown + Bronze information Stone + Pearl + Porcelain Shell Filled Crushed Glass + Metal Decos Finish Polished Weight 3.3000

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