Acme Brick Tile and Stone

August 31, 2017
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Whether or not it's already been awhile as you've purchased tile, you are in for quite a shock. Acme Brick Tile & rock offers a variety of porcelain, ceramic and rock floor coverings. Decorative accents, painted by hand wall tiles, glass and rock mosaics and metal accents can also be found. Quite a few locations have actually in-house manufacturers for the customers' convenience.

The reason why tile?

  • Durability. Whenever properly put in, a tile flooring will outperform and outlast almost every other floor covering.
  • Effortless care. Tile is a low-maintenance material that resists spots, smells, and soil. It can frequently be washed using a damp mop or sponge.
  • Scratch opposition. Grade III and IV are extremely resistant to scratching - therefore never ever needing to concern yourself with a cut or rip into the surface.
  • an eco-friendly choice. Ceramic and porcelain tile are produced from all-natural planet products. They don't emit chemicals to the air ("outgassing" and do not keep odors, contaminants, or micro-organisms.
  • Fire and water-resistant. Tile do not burn - and they aren't damaged by contact with a hot pan. Tile's dense body allows small to no buildup of dampness.
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