Outdoor stone tiles Sydney

February 25, 2022
Don t settle for second best

Sandstone provides an all-natural and cozy visual both for indoor and outdoor rooms. At Sareen Stone, we source sandstone tiles and pavers from local vendors along with international manufacturers in India. As experts in the area, our staff can help you determine the most likely sandstone tiles and pavers for the residential or commercial project.

A good Range of Sandstone Tiles and Pavers

Sareen rock supplies good quality natural stone tiles and pavers for many sized residential and commercial tasks. Sandstone makes a fantastic choice for pool coping, liquid features, and footpaths, as well as for indoor programs such as fireplaces and flooring. Our experienced workforce provides useful suggestions about sandstone tiles and pavers for the latest task.

Imported and Local Sandstone

Our international sandstone items are brought in from the north of India in Rajasthan, in which our factory produces two various finishes:

Himalayan Sandstone All-natural - provides an inviting seek any outdoor area around your property.

Himalayan Sandstone Anti-slip - Provides safety for the pool area, and is a standard option for outside rooms.

Source: www.sareenstone.com.au
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