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August 25, 2017
12 Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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We plan to tile our uncovered outdoor concrete patio floor ourselves. Up to now we fancy record and travertine the normal stone alternative. Some advised the porcelain tile alternative that resembles natural rock appearance.

Which are the pros and cons involving the record, travertine and porcelain alternative? Shopping for input on set up, finish and maintenance if any. We're additionally available to various other all-natural stone kind or tile alternatives.

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Originally Posted by EmBee We want to tile our uncovered outdoor cement patio floor ourselves. To date we fancy record and travertine for the normal stone option. Some recommended the porcelain tile alternative that resembles natural stone appearance. I would personally urge you NOT to place slate in every area subject to a damp environment. Indeed there was "good" record, but in general slate would be the wrong application for what you're discussing. It shales (starts flaking and peeling), is a lot more suseptible to efflorescence etc. Travertine would-be a good choice perhaps. It must be honed, would need to be precisely sealed (different sealers to pick from so be cautious) but versus porcelain it might be more maintenance. They have many good porcelain tiles that mimic rock. You just have to shop around. Making sure that floor is pitched precisely is important or you will have standing water and also this should be a thorn within side in the future. Once more, with porcelain you need to be certain the grout is well sealed and kept this way. That you do not secure the porcelain tile it self.

My business restores natural stone & tile therefore we see sooooooooooo many poor installments and upkeep issues due to mis-information.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for the advice. We visited the shop these days and found features ruled-out Slate due to the finish and long term performance. I however like Travertine but found out itwill need sealing, grouting and another layer of sealant.

Cost wise it really is comparable per foot with all the good porcelain tiles (stone love look and finish). Nonetheless throw-in the sealant price, then we are looking at least about $200 more. And undoubtedly possibly needing resealing when needed. It also may seem like after grouting and resealing it will likely be because slick whilst the porcelain tile. As today, we are going the porcelain tile route.

Our patio is mostly about 12' by 20'. Would a 20"x20" work or should we stick with they 13"x13"? Our present cement patio has some pitch. We'll must always keep it after and during the set up.

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We have a 1600 sq ft travertine patio (french structure). THINK IT’S GREAT! We didn't use grout (it's over a concrete slab and sand) so we have never sealed it. The Colosseum in Rome is made of travertine and I don't believe it's previously already been sealed.

We went because of the travertine for low maintenance and also the undeniable fact that it doesn't keep temperature. It is rather comfortable under base and it's really perhaps not excessively abrasive, then when my kids fall, they truly are only a few scraped up, but its perhaps not slippery whenever damp.

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I know like saltillo for the exterior

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Originally Posted by riaelise That doesn't get hot or slippery when damp?

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