Pebble stone tile installation

July 10, 2021
Installing pebble tile

With our Interlocking Pebble Tile there is no need to employ an expert installer! We have had everyone from home-makers to computer programmers install our Pebble Tile with great results.

This Pebble Tile is truly "Do-it-Yourself"!

View the movie below to observe how easy & enjoyable it was to install Pebble Tile on HGTV's colors Correction!

1. Utilizing the trowel, apply the thinset uniformly on desired location no thicker than 1/8".
2. Lay the pebble tiles down, interlocking each tile on all sides. 3. to suit a tile in a place too tiny for an entire tile, cut the mesh which support the pebbles together. You can even pull individual pebbles to fill bare rooms.
4. When complete, allow at the very least a day the thinset to dry prior to grouting.
5. Apply a coat of sealer to stop the stone taking in shade from grout.
6. Apply the grout with the grout float so the grout is packed in most the space between your pebbles. 7. Allow the grout setting for 20 minutes. After that, with a wet sponge, clean the excess grout off the area associated with pebbles.
8. Consistently clean the grout residue with on a clean sponge until desired pebble publicity is achieved.
9. Enable twenty four hours for grout to dry completely then apply a coat of sealer across grout and pebbles.
* Please always carefully look over and adhere to makers guidelines for grout, quikset, sealers or any other products made use of whenever installing StrataStones Pebble Tile.
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