Cutting stone tile for backsplash

January 20, 2022

How do I cut mosaic tiles to produce a backsplash?


I have a backsplash task to do and I’m unsure simple tips to cut the tiles. I've done some tiling before, however using this variety of tiles. I have to cut a sheet of little stone or porcelain and cup pieces. They're no more than half an inch large and they are numerous lengths, between two- and five-inches. We purchased a small wet tile saw and today i would like advice on the way I should reduce all of them when I arrived at the end of the wall or a smaller sized area. Can I take away the pieces through the mesh and cut them one after the other, or do I need to try to operate the sheet of tile strips collectively regarding saw?

I have additionally purchased an improvement towards the knife. It really is a Norton wet saw blade. I’m uncertain whether or not it will cut the cup pieces, but i am hoping therefore! Any suggestions would be significantly appreciated.


Hi Rick,

The issue with cutting those small mosaic tiles isn’t such the composition of the tile, but of this mesh itself. Your saw will do a fine task of cutting the cup tiles (although a cup specific knife would be better), however mesh gets wet, the glue will begin to let it go nearly instantly, and waiting on hold to those loose small tiles while attempting to reduce is near impossible.

There's two main ways I’ve approached these type of slices, each featuring its very own merits. The first—and simplest—way is always to mark the tiles then reduce them with several different types of hand blades. For the rock, ceramic or porcelain tiles, utilize standard tile nippers. The cup tiles, switch over to a wheeled cup mosaic tile cutter. The wheeled cutter appears much like some standard nippers and works nearly the same, it is able to slice the glass much more cleanly.

Since your saw’s knife is mounted under-the-table like a tablesaw, we have to take some an innovative method, but it’s maybe not too difficult. Pick up several extra, larger tiles while you're in the shop (or use any old porcelain floor or wall tiles you may have kicking around), that will be used as sacrificial providers for mosaic sheets.

Spot your sheet in the straight back part of a sacrificial tile and wrap the whole thing with blue painters tape. The tape does a couple of things: First off, it keeps the tiles from getting around during the cut; also, it shields the mesh from the liquid. Whilst it will however get somewhat damp within slice, it willn’t be enough to affect the glue.

When this is accomplished, mark your slices from the tape (you should be able to see a definite overview regarding the mosaic through the tape), and operate the whole assembly through the saw, cutting both mosaic while the sacrificial tile at precisely the same time.

A note for anyone with an overhead flexible mind saw: You can use this technique too. But in place of utilizing sacrificial tiles, you might like to tape your tiles to a scrap of plywood and use that as a carrier. Be sure to raise the blade sufficient that you barely touch the surface of the timber.

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