Natural stone tiles for bathrooms

July 1, 2019
Wall tiles for bathroom

Granite as well as other normal stone tiles require regular cleaning.Granite along with other normal stone tiles require regular cleaning.

The attractive look and durability of normal rock tiles makes them the right choice for floor treatments, bathroom wall space and kitchen backsplashes. White residue on rock ruins its look. To blame is lime scale, a chalky mineral left out once the tiles are exposed to hard liquid. Whenever done precisely, eliminating scale through the frequently harsh and uneven area of normal stone makes the tiles appear to be brand new again. Simple avoidance ensures the tiles continue to be at maximum condition together with scale doesn't get back.

Combine 1 glass white distilled vinegar with 1 gallon of heated water in a mop container. Wet the lime-scale afflicted location because of the combination and then leave it to stand for three to five minutes.

Scrub the rock with a rigid brush. Wet the brush into the vinegar answer as needed and so the area continues to be saturated as you scrub. The vinegar breaks down the scale deposits, while the brush scrubs the build up out from the irregular stone surface.

Rinse the tile with uncontaminated water. Mop up the surplus water, making use of a mop for floor tiles or a big sponge for wall tiles.

Wipe the rock tiles totally dry with a clear towel. Drying the tiles after every cleaning prevents future lime buildup.

Issues Will Need

  • Bucket
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Stiff brush
  • Sponge or mop


  • Dry the wall space in stone tiled bathrooms with a squeegee after washing so deposits don't occur once more.


  • Stay away from vinegar to eliminate scale on limestone or marble stone tiles. Scrub away the lime scale with a cleaner especially formulated for marble rather.
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