Cutting stone tile backsplash

August 22, 2017
Tiny brick stone tile

Even mosaic tiles need to be slashed to match the backsplash location.Even mosaic tiles need to be cut to suit the backsplash location.

Kitchen backsplashes tend to be the most ornamental percentage of your kitchen's design. They may be covered in virtually any tile material, including ceramic, rock or glass, and also the tiles are any size or form desired. Because its uncommon for tiles to suit an installation with no slices, and because backsplashes usually have actually electric outlets to tile around, before you begin tiling, ensure that you cut all of your tiles to dimensions on a tile wet saw.

Gauge the backsplash area where in fact the tiles are going to be put in. Divide the backsplash into parts or straight works and measure the level and length of each section. Mark off a place on to the floor nearby that duplicates the dimensions and form of the backsplash. Always are the jobs of any outlets in the wall aswell.

Formulate the tiles for backsplash on to the floor. Begin with a full tile when you look at the bottom center of every wall of tile and set next tiles up and out of right here for a balanced installation. Mark the tiles in the edges associated with installation that have to be cut to suit while the tiles that need to be cut to suit the outlets with a grease pen.

Slice the tiles to suit the set up on a tile damp saw. Position the tile on the damp saw tray utilizing the pencil mark lined up with the knife. Turn on the saw and gently drive the tile to the in to the blade through to the tile is cut-through. Switch off the saw and remove the tile. Make sure all the slices on to the floor design before putting in.

Distribute a thin level of thinset mortar on the backsplash wall surface. Press each tile in to the mortar in identical design you determined on the floor. Allow mortar dried out every day and night.

Grout the backsplash by dispersing grout on the entire area with a grout float. Keep the float at a 45-degree angle to your tiles to spread the grout. Change the float to 90-degrees to scrape from the extra grout from the area associated with the tiles. Wait 10 minutes for the grout to begin to dry, then cleanse off the remaining grout with a lightly dampened grout sponge. Allow grout dry for 24 hours.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Grease pencil
  • Tile damp saw
  • Thinset mortar
  • Trowel
  • Grout
  • Grout float
  • Grout sponge


  • If you are installing ornamental tiles or boundaries when you look at the backsplash and field tile, leave a gap of these, after that put in them following the industry tile.
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