Natural stone tiles in Kenya

December 7, 2021
Natural Stone. Miritini Ltd

Granite is very good. No-one is denying that.

Granite’s toughness, longevity and visual appearance make it well suited for cooking area countertops alongside heavily used surfaces, including dining table tops and flooring. However, it’s high priced (typically $60 to $100 per sq ft put in), it’s extraordinarily hefty (calling for support of base cabinets) and needs considerable upkeep.

Beyond granite, you can find a variety of countertop solutions and their number only increases over time. If you’re searching for a kitchen makeover, you could find one of these brilliant great, non-granite areas is merely things you need:

Carrara marble

Marble is softer than granite, this means it stains and scratches. “nonetheless it produces a unique patina with regards to does that, ” says Alan Zielinski, recent times president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and president and CEO of Better Kitchens Inc. in north-suburban Chicago. “That aging process provides marble an excellent, warm look. That heat appeals to many people – if you’re not merely one of them, you almost certainly should stay away from marble.”


Wood countertops tend to be appreciating a resurgence in appeal, largely because of their toughness and magnificence. Including a timber top to an island, while using a contrasting product for border counters is a superb option to add interest into kitchen.

Butcher block is the most typical variety of lumber countertop, but pieces may be constructed from a number of forests, including cherry and bamboo to zebra timber and iroko. Wear will provide lumber counters a charming patina, but you’ll want to occasionally oil all of them to stop drying.


Soapstone is a smooth, matte all-natural stone that comes in a hues including smooth gray to charcoal. It really is the just natural areas which is not affected by acids, so spilled coffee or tangerine juice won’t leave a stain. Soapstone is also heat resistant.

No unique cleaners are expected to help keep soapstone clean but mineral essential oils can be used to improve the stone’s pure beauty.


Brand new colorizing and tarnish practices are making concrete counters much more popular than ever. Skilled craftsmen can cause gorgeous tangible countertops in virtually any color, shape and size. Embedded rocks, tile and/or silicone potato chips can be added to the blend generate an item of art. The end result is a lovely counter that’s durable and scrape- as well as heat resistant.

The counters, which are often exceptionally hefty, tend to be susceptible to damage from acidic fluids and should be sealed and on a regular basis maintained to withstand spots.

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