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May 8, 2020
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CM2 state-of-the-art All-natural StonesCM2 outside flooring tiles may be the perfect solution for outdoor paving, made for both public and exclusive usage. Easy to install, very easy to inspect any resources, and simple to reposition in the eventuality of modifications towards the installation or alterations to the substrate. CM2 has actually proportions and mass such as for example to ensure the mechanical weight and durability demanded by the diverse requirements of outside paving:

  • Raised paving on flexible or fixed aids.
  • Driveway paving with standard installation on screed
  • Dry set up on gravel, sand or lawn

Benefits of CM2


Please be aware that all of the platforms associated with CM2 collection of Ariostea tend to be suited to laying directly on cement, gravel, sand as well as on lawn while when it comes to laying in an elevated application it's important take into consideration particular traits based on the structure.
The laying of Ariostea CM2 inside 60x60 format in a heightened application the level associated with the support surface shouldn't exceed 10 cm.
It is also recommended to make use of the main support (5th knee), to circulate properly the different lots and further raise the currently high opposition values for the material on loads.
Furthermore possible to utilize 60 × 60 plates with a depth of 20 mm and a maximum height of 10 cm after application by bonding of a glass fibre netting in main the main plate for elevations up to 30 cm.
For elevations up to 50 cm a galvanized steel plate would be needed.
In the latter two situations 4 supports for every plate tend to be sufficient.

The increased laying of Ariostea CM2 within the 120x60 and 120x30 formats it is strongly recommended to not surpass 2 cm tall utilizing 7 supports for 120x60 and 6 for 120x30, while for floorings with an elevation between 2 and 10 cm a cup fibre netting is important and over 10 cm a galvanized metallic plate will be required.

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