Stone Tile steam Cleaner

October 6, 2018
Natural ways to clean a stone

tile grout cleansingRestore the fresh new look of kitchen area and restroom countertops and flooring with Heartland Steam Cleanings skilled and expert tile and grout cleaning services.

Eventually dirt builds dulling your tiles appearance and discoloring your grout. Our cleansing strategy will blasts earth and dust from tile, grout, and smooth or harsh hard areas.

Exactly how tile and grout cleaning works:

  1. a specific pre-treatment is applied to the hard-surface
  2. The grout is agitated with grout brushes to split up grounds and loosen oil deposits
  3. With the powerful truck-mounted machine, a top pressurized solution (over 1, 000 PSI!) is inserted into the surface, after that instantly extracted
  4. If needed, fans will be put in designated places to boost dried out time
  5. Furniture relocated back again to initial position
  6. Seal grout (optional)

Grout Closing

Reasonably limited grout and rock sealer is applied to grout lines. This expert level, water-based sealer is far superior to "Residence Center" products. It could even be applied to moist grout after you clean! It's going to protect stone, tile and grout from oil and water based-spills and dried out soils. It penetrates deeply to offer the absolute best security and won’t leave a "skin" that'll peel from the lime like other sealers. It is effective on all grout as well as on absorbent and semi-absorbent rock and tile.

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