Lava stone Tile bathroom

February 9, 2022
Lava stone bathroom: the brown

Sourced from the finest stone quarries throughout the world and produced to your highest industry standards, these natural stone tiles will withstand the test period. Be it a contemporary fireplace, a stylish restroom, or a wonderful floor, these tiles is going to make a statement in just about any environment.

All-natural Stone tiles may be used on an inside floor, interior/exterior wall space, hearth, bath wall surface and floor, backsplash and different commercial spaces.

Lavastone should be installed with a rapid-setting thin-set mortar just and sealed with a matte-finish natural-look sealer. Do not use color boosting sealer on Lavastone as it can cause unattractive attributes appearing. Un-sanded grout is advised as sanded grout may scrape the top of stone. A test sample perhaps needed seriously to confirm the final appearance is acceptable.

Ebony Pearl BP

Vienna VIH

Lavastone BH

Tivoli TIH

Stone Type
Opposition to Salt Combat
Avg. Water Absorption
Avg. Mass Loss

Honed / Polished
4'' x 16'' or 12'' x 24''
Intr. / Extr. Walls & flooring

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