Natural stone effect bathroom tiles

January 13, 2015
Natural Stone Light Brick

All-natural Rock Facade

A natural rock facade usually comprises of a piece of normal rock that has been shaved down to a slim level. It often features a rough slice or normal cleft surface showing as opposed to the smooth slices of rock tile. The end result is a complete rock appearance, with a thinner, profile that is ideal for set up over a current area. It's going to keep its color and last a long time with appropriate installation and treatment. Because of its reduced width, it is relatively simple to cut facade rock, making managing, transport, and installation simple.

Because a normal rock facade is purposefully crafted, its design possibilities are endless. It offers severe freedom in terms of color, habits and size, and it is usually the ideal choice for interior walls that may not support heavier normal rock. Daltile's Stacked Stone range is a superb illustration of facade stone. For sale in a selection of natural colors, it's the perfect choice for addressing a current fireplace, including texture to interior walls, or any other comparable applications.

Whether going for rock tiles or rock facade, you'll be adding a classic element to your home that is eye-catching and gorgeous. Research thoroughly, pick the product for the area, and complete your room with a material will add to your design for several years to come.

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